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Core Flooring Services

  • Floor Cleaning

    The floor as is. Just remove everything which cannot be removed by the ordinary cleaners.

  • Concrete Polishing

    For floors of any age and almost any conditions, polished concrete is most popular choice for commercial applications due it’s high performance, low maintenance and wide array of design options.

  • Floor Honing

    Honing is the step of floor restoration provides smoothing the floor with industrial diamonds, which brings up more shine. Honing will also remove scratches, stains and give a more uniform appearance for whole surface. For stone floors in some cases honing is all that’s needed to get you stone looking spectacular again.

  • Floor sealing & repairs

    The purpose of floor sealing is a preparation to accept floor finish (wax) by filling the pores of a new floor or of an old porous floor which has been stripped.

Options include

Best Flooring Systems

The Euclid Chemical Company
L. M. Scofield Company
Micor Company, Inc.
The RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System
Consolideck® system
AmeriPolish, Inc.
L&M Construction Chemicals
General Polymers
W. R. Meadows, Inc.
Prosoco, Inc.
L&M Vivid Concrete Dye
NeoGard Flooring Systems
International Polished Concrete Institute

Painting at concrete floor

Personalize your floor with your logos and graphics. We can create a design specific to your company utilizing colors and special polishing techniques.

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